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Categories & Judging Guidelines:

Everyone wins! free 1 yd scoop of mulch for every entrant,

The competition will award seven cup category winners:

1. commercial/industrial      2. agricultural     3. school/community garden

4. residential         5. worm          6. anaerobic/ferment

and 7. OPEN -- for all comers! including outside the county

Each of the 5 qualities below are scored from 1-20 points for a total possible of 100 points. The top scoring entry in each category will be cup winner, with runner up as honorable mention.

The five compost judging aspects are:

1. Color - Rich color indicates fresh live quality

2. Odor - aerobic compost sweet forest floor smell that makes you giddy


3. Crumb structure/tilth -
     indicators of humic acids, water holding, aerobic function


4. Biological richness - Finalist examination at 100x to 800x magnification, evaluate bacteria diversity, noting levels of advanced microbes, including protozoa, fungi and nematodes.

5. Use of available materials - provide a concise narrative including production and application. i.e., how the compost is created, source of materials

Judges come from the various sponsors and compost enthusiasts in each of the competition categories. Final judging and results to be livestreamed and recorded April 23. Ventura County Compost Cup winners to be announced April 24 as part of Ventura Earth Day.

Click on this link for the Entry Form​

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